Curriculum Vitae


2018, MFA, Studio Art, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada
2015, PBD, SFU School for the Contemporary Arts, Vancouver, Canada
2008, B.Des., Alberta College of Art & Design, Calgary, Canada

Selected Exhibitions

2023, If velocity is the soul of wit, then gravity is the voice of reason, Hunt Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2022, Goodtime, The Plumb, Toronto, Canada
2022, The Size of a Credit Card, The Plumb, Toronto, Canada
2021, BLOOMDOOMROOM, The Plumb, Toronto, Canada
2020, Every Little Thing, Peanuts Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2019, TOOLS ‘N’ SHIT, goodwatercorktown, Toronto, Canada
2018, The Ratio of an Earthworm, 14 Randolph Ave (backyard), Toronto, Canada
2018, MICRO-WAVE, Mr. Lee’s Shed, Vancouver, Canada
2017, Accident of Being Together, Boarding House Gallery, Guelph, Canada
2017, Yes Frills, ESP, Toronto, Canada
2016, A Message Without A Code, Dynamo Arts Association, Vancouver, Canada
2015, There Is No Place For You On Our Soil, SFU SCA Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2015, Sixth Finger, Interurban Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2015, Froot Zalad, Audain Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2014, Selected Works, FIELD Contemporary, Vancouver, Canada
2014, The Hand of Hah, Index Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2014, Other Worlds, Audain Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2013, Artwaste, Gallery Gachet, Vancouver, Canada
2013, Drawuary 2013, Gallery Gachet, Vancouver, Canada
2012, Moving the Still: A GIF festival, Miami Art Week 2012, Miami, USA
2012, Drawuary 2012, Gallery Gachet, Vancouver, Canada
2011, Power In Numbers, Chicago Art Department, Chicago, USA

Solo & Two-Person

2018, Kynikos, Pushmi Pullyu, Toronto, Canada
2017, Comb, Boarding House Gallery, Guelph, Canada
2016, Chasmophilous (w/ The Party AC), HAUNT, Vancouver, Canada
2015, The Grey Scum That Rises, Jacuzzi Club, Montreal, Canada
2013, The Woods, Red Gate, Vancouver, Canada
2012, Magic Sack, Shudder Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

Print Projects

2023, SUM 2 (lead editor), Toronto, Canada
2023, Wandering Calendar (in collaboration with HaeAhn Kwon & Paul Kajander), Toronto, Canada
2022, Diapause, Toronto, Canada
2022, Peripheral Review 2022 Annual, Toronto, Canada
2021, Peripheral Review 2020–2021 Annual, Toronto, Canada
2021, SUM (lead editor), Toronto, Canada
2020, Peripheral Review 2019 Annual, Toronto, Canada
2019, Woof, Nacre Journal Vol. 1, Toronto, Canada
2017, purpur, Ternary/Extant (collaborative artist book project with Lauren Lavery), self-published, Guelph, Canada
2017, Risograph Print Edition for Peripheral Review (
2016, Collected Ephemera (collaborative artist book project with Lauren Lavery), Print Ready, Vancouver, Canada
2016, The Party Manual (designer), The Party Artist Collective, Published by Brick Press, Vancouver, Canada
2013–2016, Dunk (comic contributor for monthly periodical), Published by Lucky’s Comics, Vancouver, Canada
2013, Dark Whorse, Museums Press, Glasgow, Scotland
2013, The Paper, Good Press, Glasgow, Scotland
2013, Sammiches, Star Gods Press, Vancouver, Canada
2012, G-Gazet (Vol. 2), Paris, France
2012, Kawaii, Slow Youth, New York, USA
2011, Headache, Éditions du Livre, Strasbourg, France

Published Writing

2019, Mutant 1 Dew, 3, 4, 5: In Conversation with Nicole Brunel, Public Parking, Winnipeg, Canada
2019, DIY Karma Kit: Adam Revington at Support, Peripheral Review, Toronto, Canada
2017, EEEEEEEEEEEEEE, Yes Frills Exhibition Catalogue, ESP, Toronto, Ontario
2015, Myfanwy MacLeod - Catriona Jeffries, ISSUE Magazine, Number 4, Vol. 1, Vancouver, Canada
2015, Froot Zalad Exhibition Catalogue, Audain Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2014, Take My Picture (Ron Terada - Catriona Jeffries), ISSUE Magazine, Number 3.5, Vol. 3, Vancouver, Canada

Residencies & Collaborative Projects

2022, Undecimals 2022 (, Vancouver, Canada
2019, Undecimals 2018 (, Vancouver, Canada
2018, Undecimals 2018 (, Vancouver, Canada
2017, Undecimals 2017 (, Vancouver, Canada

Interviews & Publications

2021, BLOOMDOOMROOM: Face to Face with the Slow Apocalypse by Angel Callander (, Toronto, Canada
2017, Interview on International Art English (, CFRU 93.3 FM, Guelph, Canada
2016, Brennan Kelly: One Garden by Lucien Durey (, Vancouver, Canada
2015, Cutting up the Sky by Anchi Lin, Froot Zalad Exhibition Catalogue, Vancouver, Canada

Readings, Performances & Presentations
2019, Artist Presentation (in conjunction with Nacre Vol. 1 launch), MOCCA, Toronto, Canada
2018, Reading (excerpt from ongoing text works), Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada

Curatorial Projects

2014, Localisms, EV Studios, Vancouver, Canada
2013, Projectile Vomit, Vancouver Art Gallery (FUSE), Vancouver, Canada
2013, Five Finger Discount, Franklin Street Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2012, Nice Up, Franklin Street Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2012, GIWYFI, W2 Community Media Arts (for Canzine West), Vancouver, Canada


2020, Newcomer Artist Mentorship Grant (mentor role), Toronto Arts Council
2019, Visual Artists Creation Projects Grant, Ontario Arts Council

2017–2020, Member of Editorial Committee for Peripheral Review (
2015–2016, Member of Dynamo Arts Association, Vancouver, Canada